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What it means for a Healthier Future:

Photo of four young adults sitting in a booth responsibly enjoying a drink.
Crackdown on underage drinking

Children who begin drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to develop alcohol dependencies later in life. Addressing the problem now will help our young people build more successful futures.

With fines of up to $5,000, Manitoba already has some of the most severe penalties in Canada for sale and service of alcohol to minors. Our new strategy addresses a broader range of root causes and drives home the message that underage drinking is a serious matter.


Cracking down on false ID

By 2012, young adults will need to show valid photo identification, such as:

  • a valid Manitoba Driver’s Licence or Enhanced Driver’s Licence,
  • a valid Identification Card or Enhanced Identification Card,
  • Passport (Canadian or other country), or alternatively,
  • two pieces of valid government-issued identification; one of which must be photo ID.


Penalizing those who contribute to the problem

In addition to imposing heavy fines for selling liquor to minors, Manitoba is clamping down on adults who assist or encourage underage drinkers.

  • It is an offence for adults to lend identification to a minor so that the younger person can buy alcohol.
  • A Licensing Board hearing is now automatic whenever a licence holder breaches a law involving minors and alcohol.


Tightening up laws

Wording changes in legislation have increased enforcement agencies’ ability to uphold the intent of liquor laws involving minors. For example, police and liquor inspectors no longer need to observe a minor consuming alcohol before taking action against a licensed premises or permit event. It is sufficient to see that the minor is in possession of alcohol in a licensed premises or permit event.


Products with excessively high alcohol content

To discourage over-consumption of these products, the MLCC will ensure that the retail price aligns with the absolute alcohol content by volume.


Public education

The MLCC is taking additional steps to encourage healthier attitudes among both parents and young people.

  • Be the Influence, the MLCC’s leading-edge campaign for parent engagement and responsibility, is being expanded in co-operation with parent councils and community centres.
  • A new awareness and intervention program for 11- to 13-year-olds will be introduced by Manitoba Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors.
  • The MLCC will assist in discussions between MADD Canada and school boards regarding dry grad initiatives.