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What it means for Customers:

Photo of a woman shopping for wine at a Liquor Mart.
More choice and convenience

Manitobans have been asking for more convenient ways to shop for alcoholic beverages and related products. We’re responding by offering more choice of where and what they can buy.

These improvements work hand in hand with new hospitality opportunities to reflect Manitoba’s fun and sociable spirit.


Liquor Mart Express

The MLCC is introducing up to 10 express-style stores in high-traffic areas. These outlets will showcase beverages produced right here in Manitoba and Canada, while providing more convenience for customers. The first will open in the Arrivals terminal of Winnipeg’s new James A. Richardson International Airport.

Up to five of the Express stores will be in urban grocery stores. They will be staffed by MLCC employees, who will ensure that socially responsible standards are met.


Coolers and ciders available at beer vendors

To increase customer convenience, coolers and ciders will be available for purchase at Winnipeg beer vendors beginning mid-March and will be phased in at select rural beer vendors over the next few months. Please check with your local beer vendor for availability.


More merchandise in store

Convenience barware, wine magazines and socially responsible alternatives, such as 0.5 per cent beer, are among the new products now available in Liquor Marts. The stores may also sell promotional merchandise like hats and T-shirts as a way of building excitement around major sports and cultural events.


MLCC website improvements

Looking for the perfect pairing? Want more information about products? You’ll find it on the enhanced MLCC website now in development. With new features like online permit applications, the new website will also make it more convenient to do business with the MLCC.